Southern Soigne


The Chef

Born in the Mississippi Delta, Zacchaeus Golden calls his cooking Southern.

But he traveled far from the South to sharpen his skills. When he ticks off the list of where he's worked or interned, the highlights sound like a guidebook's list of America's top restaurants: Shaya in New Orleans, The Inn at Little Washington in Virginia, The French Laundry in Northern California. Now Golden has come home to Mississippi, taking all he learned to create a new version — his own delicious version — of Southern food.

Golden grew up in Belzoni, Mississippi, on the Yazoo River in the Mississippi Delta. The restaurant he knew best as a child was his grandmother's, a convenience store where she cooked dishes like pepper steak, chicken and dumplings, or smothered pork chops for the workers at nearby farms or catfish ponds.

He attended a two-year culinary program at Bishop State Community College in Mobile, but he really learned to cook by working. He moved quickly through jobs, gaining skills at each place.

The Southern Soigne experience is an elaborate multi course meal. Settle in for a dining experience featuring the cuisine of Chef Zacchaeus Golden. Using his years of training received in some of America’s top restaurants such as the French Laundry, Inn at Little Washington and Coi. Dinning with us is a journey through a series of superbly executed and deeply delicious dishes. Inspired by generations of recipes and French technique, courses change to reflect product in season. Our menu will constantly be evolving yet abide by a few simple constants. All our cooking revolves around open wood fire.

A fine dining experience

Located in the Farish Street historic district, Jackson MS. Inside of a beautiful space that also functions as an art gallery, built in the late 1800s and then relocated to its current location, in the mid 1900s. The space was converted into a restaurant in 2021 by Chef Zacchaeus Golden.

Southern Soigne is a reservation only tasting menu experience. With two menu options 5 course tasting or the chef’s experience which futures seven to twelve course. The goal is to recreate the feeling of eating at a chef’s home.

The Dining Room is only 12 seats which allows the team to maximize the quality of the experience. Everything is made by hand, as close to service as possible.

Tableside service and guest interaction with the chefs is utilized as much as possible. All our cooking revolves around open wood fire, and utilizes techniques that would be much harder to duplicate on a larger scale.

The service charge for B.Y.O.B is $25, this covers up to four guest. Any party sizes larger than four will effect these rates.

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The dinnerware

Artist Statement

My work invites touch, like a stone plucked from a riverbed I love pots that are smooth in the hand but have a rugged, natural beauty. I observe a constant erosion and evaporation that takes place in my daily environment. I strive for layers of visual depth combining slip, glaze and texture to recall this geological wearing. Traditional utilitarian forms are the vocabulary for my investigation, surfaces are a combination of historic patterns and motifs mixed with the vibrancy and life of midcentury abstract expressionist paintings.

Michael Ashley
Assistant Professor of Art,
College of the Ozarks
Phone 417-690-2560
Cell 662-523-7887

Ritual and habit inform my studio practice. Art, work and play exist in all aspects of life. I begin my day with tea; boil the water, strain, pour and savor. That rhythm carries throughout my day whether chopping onions or wedging clay. Make something, use it, let it inform your life, make more.


Michael Ashley grew up on a farm in Green County MO, where he explored the rivers and streams of the Ozark Mountains. He graduated from College of the Ozarks with a BA in Painting and Ceramics then moved to Tachi, Taiwan where he did a one-year residency at Tainan National University for the Arts. In 2010 he graduated from the University of Mississippi with an MFA in Ceramics. He has taught at Missouri State University, the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University and Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia PA. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Art at College of the Ozarks.